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Herbal Process

The latest innovation in natural colouring .A colouring solution free from chemical and non organicsubstances. Needline follows organic process technologies which would add up the atmospheric oxygen level or atleast leave it s proportion undisturbed amid maintaining the carbon balance intact. Our eco friendly organic dyeing is optional for our evergrowing customer needs.

Shade:Morinda Yellow
Shade:Annato Gold
Shade:Mango Peach
Shade:Myrobalan Beige
Shade:Catechu Brown
Shade:Eclipta Lt Green
Shade:Eclipta Med Green
Shade:Eclipta Dk Green
Shade:Mark Nut Blue
Shade:Mark Nut Navy
TECOMA Dye is extracted from its flowers and produces good lemon yellow.
BHRINGARAJ Dye extracted from whole plant matter but principally from leaves juice. This dye produces cool and Dark Bluish Green shade.
CATECHU Dye is extracted from heartwood chips of Acacia tree species for producing various brown shades.
MADDER Dye extracted from stem and root parts of Rubia species. Dyeprodces brownish pink in self shade
BILWAN SEEDS Dye extracted after couching of seeds in oxygenated water for quite long period and then boiled in six different herbals for producing Bluish Black shade.
HARDA! MYROBALAN Dye extracted from leaf galls and fully ripen dry fruits after removing the stone-hard seed inside. It produces shades range from Greenish Yellow,Khaki,Olive & Black.
ANNATO Dye extracted from its seed and produces beautiful Golden yellow shade and slowly turn towards Pink tones over the time.
MANGO Dye extracted from bark of matured tree fell down on age. The dye does not require mineral mordant but if treated it would create browns. The dye produces beautiful Peach shades when used alone.
INDIGO Extraction by couching whole plant. The dye imparts various shades of Blue from Skyblue to dark depends up on its dose.
RATHANJODH Dye extracted from spirally coiled bark layers with its stem of the plant. Dye produces shades range from Purple to gray depends on dye batch medium.